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Page history last edited by Ashie 12 years, 1 month ago



This is the homepage of the great, amazing, awesome, SUPERCOOL 11EAD e-portfolio project!


If you want to be part of the MAGICAL project you need to create your own PBwiki site and create a link below!


Harriet - English with Farquhar (yes, that's right!)


Ashie - "English-town ? Hmmm..." YEAH it's up and running-ish n___n


EDEN -in lovely angry bold capitals, looking expectant-


Once you create your page use the structure outlines below - how it appears beyond that is up to you!



Copy and paste the table below onto your front page and create a link to a new wiki page from each of the headings. The other pages are your choice. Put on some nice RELEVANT information on each !


NZ Poetry (1.4 Short Texts) Taming of the Shrew (1.3 Extended Text)
Mean Creek (1.5 Visual text) Presentations (2.7 Oral Presentation)
Creative Writing (1.1 Creative Writing) Formal Writing (1.2 Formal Writing)
Unfamilar Texts (1.6 Unfamiliar texts)  


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