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Eden Lola

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago


I just mistakenly invited Ms. Amos to Facebook.

Aaaaawkward. (You see, I had two...three...four windows open and I was planning to send her my english essay, and so was copying and pasting her e-mail address from this page and then next thing you know Facebook is telling me 'thank-you' for inviting someone.)

I sent an e-mail apologising. Although I'm not too sure if I apologised, just kinda said a whole bunch of stuff that explains the predicament.

Aaaaaawkward (turtle).


But hey - good news, AGGS DELTA dominated and won their debate today. AGGS DELTA being Caitlin, Harriet and Me.


Gag order that.

(Talking about gags, no-one talk them home!?)





Here's a photo from an english lesson. (Not that anyone had their phone out in an english lesson. No.)

Just thought it would help you get back into that english-class mood.

All stuffy and grid-like.


I think I look almost manic in this pic.

Just shows you how keeeeen I am for english.




THURSDAY 2somethingth FEBRUARY '08

On behalf of our table I'd like to apologise for the ...laughter during class today.

Let's blame it all on Briar. Who felt it fun to repeat a part of the female anatomy over and over and over and over again.

[Note I said female. Not male. So stop thinking about that word].

I must say though, it was extremely funny.

Tatieeya. Have a debate to finish writing.

Don't want Harriet freaking out (again) on me.

("Eden's got nothing to write!")







So. Thought I'd add a pic of myself - mainly 'cos I can.

Check out my blog. I might become addicted to it and blog on it three times a day.

Wow. Just think how exciting the posts will be - THREE times a day.


Just thought I'd let you know - K Rd is a very interesting place.

You certainly get your eccentrics. And I'm not just talking about the boys that ask, ever so politely, "how much?".

AGGS, what?


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