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Madi's World

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 4 months ago

 Madi's World

(Pun on Suzy's World intended (i love Suzy Kato=]))


yours truly looking lost.. like usual. i think dana took this but im not sure...


Person of the moment basically whom ever happens to be floating my boat at the 'mo': Kt Tunstall  of course!!


Why?: I dunno i've always really enjoyed her music and i've seen her dvd things that come with the cds [mum buys them] on which she is damn hilararious. And then we went to bluesfest, solely to see her play, and i got mega MEGA excited and im not sure why, im usualy far to apathetic for excitement, then her preformance was awsum awsum awsum and i got a rather starstruck, plus shes pretty.  love.


Stalk?: well i did try but they had these huge brown guys that looked scary called 'security', who've thought, whom just so happened to be barring my way towards not only back stage and the musos tent, but the road on which there was a view of the musos tent as well. sigh. i've had to settle with adding her on facebook, signing up to her website, creating an album of her pictures from the internet and googling her interviews... poor me 




C c c comic:



now you know why i hide under desks.



Latest bright idea: To picture-ize english with amos.. as follows








ok that didnt work quite as well as planned goddamncrapcomputerskills


Currently Procrastinating?: not really i dont have anything to do as such. i mean i COULD do some chemistry..


Quoteness: "perhaps should not drink on an empty stomach"

                    "perhaps you should wear lipstick if you want to be my mother"-from Zoro [yay i remembered!!]




madikins x



Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 5:28 pm on Mar 7, 2008

comment losers

Anonymous said

at 7:48 pm on Mar 10, 2008

I sent Suzy a letter once, I have a postcard from her somewhere...-searches-

Anonymous said

at 7:21 pm on Mar 19, 2008

well smoosh on you

Anonymous said

at 7:08 pm on May 15, 2008


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